Case Studies

THE CLIENT - Amarmirgh Education Services

Academy that inspires teachers and aspiring them to accomplish their goals. They provide academic excellence to learners to pursue a career in the field of education and society building. Their course includes Diploma in Early Childhood Development, Professional Development Courses, Grammar Teacher Training, Phonics Teacher Training, and Language Classes.


  • Refine target audience and grow an Audience

  • Grow Brand Presence

  • Increase getting admissions through online presence


  • Creating posts design with their course details.

  • Changing adsstrategy once in a week

  • Replaying to comments and messages

  • Facebook Ads – Lead Generation
  • Creating and sharing ads report


Challenge: Who’s the target audience?

As a new client, Amarmirgh did not have an adequate number of admission details to clearly define the customer demographics. Therefore, we relied on market research to develop the first target audience. It created a unique challenge because without a defined customer base, Facebook pages can take 6-8 months to develop a community with consistent engagement, and organic click-through website traffic that convert to admissions.

Strategy 1:

Research covering our client and within the industry helped to pinpoint an initial target audience in the 20-45 age range with interest in the related field. We used the gender selection by mainly focusing on Female’s who is living in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.


  • Customers in the 25-34+ Age were 90% more likely to click and filling the lead form.

  • Ads delivered on Mobile had .94% higher CTR than ads delivered on desktop

  • Ads delivered in Single Image format had .2% higher CTR than ads delivered in Carousel Format


The two main area of success we tracked for our client are getting leads constantly, increasing page likes and reach.

Total Leads – 166 Total Reach – 13,056 Total Impressions – 19,182 Cost per Result – 7.66 Amount Spent – 505.61 AED

With The Use Of A Comprehensive Facebook Marketing & Ads Strategy, Amarmirgh Surpassed Their Leads Generation And Continues To Grow Their Brand In Online Through Partnership With Emperor Digital. Amarmirgh Now Better Understands The Base Of Their Customers And What Types Of Content, Interests And Behaviors Unite Them.